Our mission is to create the next generation of online stores. Through the creation and deployment of new technologies and methodologies, we are developing online stores that bring "Retail Therapy" to the digital world.


Grocery stores have conversion rates of over 98%, and according to a Forrester report, more than 60% of the items purchased weren't planned purchases.

The average ecommerce website only has a 2% conversion rate and just 7% of purchases are unplanned.

Within the next 10 years, the majority of commerce will transition to online purchases and happen on a phone.

This is a major problem because as more purchases happen online, retailers are effectively losing 50% of their revenue. At a store, unplanned purchases account for up to 60% of the customer's basket. Online, it's just 7%. To make matters worse, mobile conversion rates are roughly only 1/3 that of their desktop couterparts. So, as more ecommerce becomes mobile commerce, retailers will lose again.

The affects of this progression are already visible. Box stores are struggling. Department stores are struggling. It's a problem that needs solved, and needs solved now.

As an agency that focuses on Conversion Rate Optimization, we are intimate with this problem, and have the tools to address it. Which is why we formed the Contour This Retail Innovation Lab: To create the next generation of online stores.


Contour This Retail Innovation Lab is partnering up with retailers from each of the requisite industries to develop and promote the next generation of online stores.

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